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Pre-Planning Activities

Gantt Project Time Line (p.181)

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.33.33 AM



Completed Task Objective Analysis (p.188-196)

Clustered Objectives (p.198)

1.0 Using Forms to Gather Data

  • A. Prerequisites (objective 1.1)
  • B. Application (objectives 1.2, 1.5)
  • C. Analysis (objective 1.3-1.4)

2.0 Google Drive to Save You Time

  • A. Prerequisites (objectives 2.1-2.3)
  • B. Application (objectives 2.4-2.5)
  • C. Analysis (objective 2.6)

3.0 Blog Planning for Better Preparation

  • A. Prerequisites (objective 3.1)
  • B. Application (objectives 3.2-3.4)
  • C. Analysis (objectives 3.5-3.6)

4.0 Authentic Student Engagement with Digital Learning Logs

  • A. Prerequisites (objective 4.1)
  • B. Application (objective 4.2)
  • C. Analysis (objective 4.3)


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