About Me

My interest in education, oddly enough, stems from childhood experiences as a disinterested student.  I was a “bright kid” who struggle to sit still and not talk. By age of 13, I was a bright kid who was failing.

As the child of two former educators, failing was not an option. On September 9th 1993, the day the Soviet Union collapsed, I was an 8th grader paging through headlines of the newspaper as a new student at “The Dan Riley School For A Girl“.  My father made the bold decision to take on the responsibility of engaging me in my education. Luckily for both of us, the gamble paid off. Six years later as a declared an education major in college it became clear the impact the homeschooling had on my life.

Much of my journey as an educator is to identify why students become disengaged and how to prevent youth apathy. As I experienced first hand, engaging students in meaningful ways can mean the difference between failure and success.

After college I joined Peace Corps program in Thailand where I developed my first interest in the power of technology for learning and communicating.  I’ve taken time to follow my other interests that have led me to dabble in community outreach, real estate, instructional design, and gardening.  I taught 4th-5th grade in two Title I schools in Georgia for four years, and now work as an instructional technology coach for my district.

About This Site

This site is my first ever blog Learning Log. This is a place where struggles happen, Ah-ha moments are declared, resources are logged, and new tools are tried out.

I am embarking on a journey to leverage educational opportunities through technology. In my vision of a 21st century classroom, students are no longer limited by a lack of resources or funding. In a 21st century school, teachers harness technology to enable individualized learning experiences for each and every child.

Browse this blog to see how I think it can be done and what I’m doing right now to make it happen.


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