Learning for The Heck of It

Switzerland, summer 2014
Switzerland, summer 2014



I’ve finally finished with another round of schooling and am excited to start exploring anything I pretty please. I value taking courses and being introduced to ideas I might otherwise not come across. But schooling often requires one to put off random “I wonder _____” when those questions aren’t attached to due dates. I’ve seen great classes that walk that line; the elusive junction where road to meeting course objectives and satisfying one’s curiosity are entirely in sync. But that learning sweet spot is the topic for another post.

Essential Question: What does it look like to learn for the heck of it?

Today I’m dusting off my learning blog and starting another chapter. This chapter is about documenting the questions that pop in my head, sharing my doodles, research, dead ends, misconceptions, conversations, reflections and ah-has. Along the way, I hope to wander away from some of the formalities of being an educator and remember what it’s like to be kid curious again. With any luck, I’ll tinker with things I don’t know the first thing about and have fun while I’m doing it.

If you are learning about something for the heck of it and enjoying yourself, please share your story in the comments section.


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